Thursday, 30 July 2009

3 Merk Mobil Teririt Sedunia !

Kesimpulannya: JAPANESE CARS RULES !

No.3 - 2010 Honda Insight

MPG (City/Highway/Combined): 40/43/41

The term “cult classic” can suggest an underappreciated car with passionate devotees. On the other hand, it can just as often be a backhanded compliment. For example, the original Honda Insight is a cult classic, but so are Renault LeCars and AMC Pacers. The new Insight is more mainstream than either of those oddities and even more than its predecessor. With a design that’s part Honda FCX Clarity and -- let’s be honest -- part Toyota Prius, the new Insight smartly combines attention-getting looks with great economy (and even a welcome dash of feedback from the steering and brakes).

No.2 - 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid

MPG (City/Highway/Combined): 40/45/42

Yes, here’s another fuel-efficient shocker. The humble Honda Civic Hybrid gets better mpg than the Insight, if only by a little. It’s also a few thousand dollars more expensive and lacks the visual pop offered by its sibling. The only real tip-offs are a modest badge on the trunk and pizza-pan wheel covers unique to the model. Compared to cars like the Insight and the Toyota Prius, the Civic Hybrid doesn’t broadcast your eco-consciousness like a badge of honor -- it just does its thing and does it well.

No.1 - 2010 Toyota Prius

MPG (City/Highway/Combined): 51/48/50

You had to know it was coming: The ultimate fuel-efficient ride, in numbers at least, is the third-generation Toyota Prius. If you compare the 2010 car next to a 2009 model, you’ll see the new Prius is beginning to look like a vehicle designed by humans, for humans. Devotees needn’t worry, though, it still has the power to radiate smugness from across several lanes of traffic. Improvements in on-road manners are negligible, but the all-important mileage figures grow even higher.

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